Caviar ICONE BELUGA 250g

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Caviar Icone Beluga 250g

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BELUGA Caviar 250 g
Beluga Reserve

The most prestigious and iconic of all caviars because of its rarity. It is distinguished by its characteristically large, delicate structure which bursts easily in the mouth to deliver immense flavour. Harmoniously balanced, with a delicious combination of earthy and sea tones, offset by a distinctive nutty taste that stays on your tongue at the end, bringing back fond memories of the wild

Beluga. The colour ranges from light to dark grey with a pearl finish.

A microcosm of pure luxury and gastronomic supremacy.


For whom: Beluga Lovers: Experts and connoisseurs of wild Beluga.

Cold Chain: Our insulated box with Ice-Packs keep the correct temperature and ensures that the caviar arrives fresh and ready to enjoy.

Gift: We ship your order in high-end boxes prepared with the greatest care.

Shelf life: 90 days

Storage temperature: 0 to 4°C

After opening, the Caviar must be consumed within 72 hours.

Origin: Farmed in Bulgaria, China, France, Italy and Uruguay.

Species: Huso Huso

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