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An online personal shopping experience for food & drink, wellness & organic items, table design & kitchen accessories in Switzerland

We have hand-selected a number of items that look great, taste fabulous and will add a wellness leap into your daily step.

Scroll through our collection and you’ll find luxury food and drink items, elegant kitchen and dining accessories, wellness items, a host of gift sets and some taste experiences – from caviar and champagne, to wellness teas and organic olive oils.

We are based in Switzerland, all prices and quotes are therefore in Swiss CHFs.

Our clients are international so this website is in English, however nous parlons aussi Français, & anche parliamo Italiano. 


The most exclusive coffret of ICONE Caviar – ROCK GLACIAL: A true taste sensation, with beautifully large and firm grains, oozing with a buttery texture and nutty flavour that lasts on the tongue. This caviar will please both connoisseurs and newcomers, due to the size of the grains, majestic colour and smooth taste. The colour ranges from light to dark brown with a pearl finish.

CHF 2'380.00


Premium, organic extra virgin olive oil hand-picked in Campo Marino, province of Campobasso, region of Molise, on the south Adriatic coast of Italy.  Nose: Intense fruit, with a noticeable aroma of freshly cut grass.

CHF 22.00

Let us help you through your food, wine and design choices

Recognising successful partnerships between food and wine can be learnt through exploring the art of taste, and tasting different combinations of aromas and flavours with our nose and mouth can train our senses. Using our eyes, ears and touch as well profoundly accentuates the experience, however, understanding the science of taste aka 'molecular sommellerie' brings a whole new dimension - The ultimate taste sensation.

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